We can do any design you are looking to make, or help with making a amazing one for your organization or company. We have fantastic graphic artists that would love to help, because, you know

Order merchandise in bulk or have a custom order made up!


Absence of Clothing can as well be your organizations distribution center, making it easier for you to focus on your organization while we take care of the merchandise and shipping! We handle Dogma Debates, David G. McAfee's, and many other authors and organizations products, and we would love to handle yours as well!

Let Absence of Clothing be your distribution center.


We create Intelligent design. 

Get over 50% off on bulk orders for all products!

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We can take car of the legwork while you focus on your organization.

Questions? Heres some ANswers:

What happens after the form is submitted? 

  • Once the form is sent out, we will receive it on our end and contact you with extremely fair rates within 1 day, business or not. 
  • We will return with a email to iron out the details of the order.

What do we do for payment? 

  • Once everything is ironed out from above and we know what you want, we will send you a easy to use invoice through Dwolla, a amazingly secure transaction site that is soon to rival Paypal.
  • Dwolla charges the merchants even less out of transactions, so we can give even lower rates to you. 

Can you print custom designs? 

  • Of course!
  • Bulk orders on our merchandise is much lower in cost than custom orders, so let us know if you would like to order our amazing designs in larger orders.
  • If you need help with your design, we can help! We have amazing designers on hand that will create a masterpiece for you!
  • If you would like to use our designs, no problem. We can add your organization or custom logo to the backs of our amazing shirts with our designs on the front. With this, we can give you a discount on our rates as well! 

What if I need someone to ship out and take care of our organizations merchandise? 

  • We can become your organization distribution center if you are interested in selling through us!
  • Our company wants to create a central hub for all atheist organizations and clothing, a place where atheists can come together to feel comfortable and make a difference!
  • For cheeper rates, better deals, and a percentage of profits from any sales made through our site from customers sent to us from you, come let Absence of Clothing be the center of your merchandise!
  • Support a fellow atheist/science based clothing line that donates its profits to charity, and at the same time gives you a better rate than that of Teespring and Cafepress. 

All coupon discounts and sales are for retail customers only. We already discount products as much as we can for our bulk order customers, and if we sell products for less than we pay we're going to be going out of business and wouldn't be able to donate the profits to charity! We can't take back what we give! Thanks for your understanding.

We would prefer you fill out this form first, but if you have any questions that you cannot wait to ask, feel free to call or email us here:


(321) - 345 - 9270