Modern Jesus- Jesus vs Zombie Jesus's


Modern Jesus- Jesus vs Zombie Jesus's

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Doctors Without Borders

It was just another beautiful day, when all of a sudden, things got flipped turned right upside down. 

Jesus now has to fight through the hordes of Zombie Jesus's to make his way back home to the promised land. 

With the new times a comen, and modern science becoming accessible to a good chunk of the world, Jesus isn't taking it so well. 

Thats why we here at Absence of Clothing are giving the man with a plan a makeover, with a modern twist to better match the appeal and perception of this figure in present day existence. 

Shirt Dimensions:
This special shirt is printed on high quality American Apparel, Unisex, and are awesome(and awesome to wear) garments! 

All of our merchandise promises at least 50% of our profits to charity (Do good, look good, feel good, without god!).


For an extra $4 on your shirt order, we will donate a shirt to the Homeless Nexus to help the homeless in need, and for $8 extra we will donate TWO shirts! Absence of Clothing is working alongside Homeless Nexus in Dallas Texas to help those who have close to nothing. If you choose to donate, half of the proceeds will STILL go to towards the shirts designated charity!  

2XL and 3XL sizes cost $2 more each to produce, so they might be a little more at checkout.

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