First Post: Our Community

Welcome to our blog! This is going to be a bi-weekly blog for great discussion of topics varying from atheism, agnosticism, and science!   We want to start off giving a view of our vision for our atheist community. 

I have always wanted to bring non-theists together to do something good for the world. Absence of Clothing is just that thing.  We create apparel that is purchased through you, the fellow non-theist, then send a collective donation that we address in a letter to the organizations. And though the checks aren't large now, soon others will recognize what we are doing and join our fight to show that we can truly be good without god. 

Some may wonder why we don't give the other 50% of our profits to charity and we would like to address that now.  We didn't want to start off taking out a huge loan to fund campaigns that may not have gone anywhere. Instead we decided to be economical and use the other 50% to pay for the costs of starting new campaigns and covering the costs of existing campaigns.  One day once we become larger, we would like to give 100% of our profits to charity, but until then we will remain at where we are now.  

Thanks for making this dream reality. It means the world to us.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to comment below!  Make sure to check back every Tuesday and Friday for awesome stuff!



Tyler Koltz