Satyahgraha, Fox News, and Handling how Atheists are treated in the US

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”  - Mahatma K. Gandhi


  1.  Harbor no anger but suffer the anger of the opponent. Refuse to return the assault of the opponent.
  2. Do not submit to any order given in anger, even though severe punishment is threatened for disobeying.
  3. Refrain from insults and swearing.
  4.  Protect opponents from insult or attack, even at the risk of life.
  5. Do not resist arrest nor the attachment of property, unless holding property as a trustee.
  6.  Refuse to surrender any property held in trust at the risk of life.
  7.  If taken prisoner, behave in an exemplary manner.
  8.  As a member of a satyagraha unit, obey the orders of satyagraha leaders, and resign from the unit in the event of serious disagreement.
  9.  Do not expect guarantees for maintenance of dependents.

Above is the code of conduct Gandhi gave to his volunteers regarding his civil disobedience dealing with British rule.  This set of rules led to India and Pakistan becoming independent countries in 1947.  Martin Luther King Jr. used these rules as well to lead the equal treatment of African Americans in the United States. This created the 13th amendment of the constitution banning racial segregation. 

I am not here and are no way comparing the atheist discrimination in the United States to the events that Indian and African Americans dealt with.  I am here to say that we are handling atheist discrimination in the wrong manner.  More and more I see all subsidiaries of atheism attacking Christians without them doing anything, and the the result is thinking Atheists are worse people than before.  I know that being non-theist already is an insult to the religious, but calling them “stupid-fucks”(even though we may think it from time to time) isn’t solving anything, and instead is making our problem worse. We are gaining numbers daily (Europe already has some dominant secular countries) and for good cause to, we are intellectual and cognitive people, but I think that we need to take some steps back and see if we are really approaching this the right way especially in light of new court cases dealing with separation of church and state. 

Fox News host Dana Perino (those words alone are already making you cringe, I can tell) recently said on television that Atheists should leave the country if they do not like “under god” in the pledge of allegiance.  We all would like to perform a sort of Coup d'état against their network, but lets get real that’s not happening.  But lets focus on what they were talking about, The family that is suing Massachusetts’ school district to remove “under god” from the pledge of allegiance that is recited daily in United States classrooms.   The parents say that having their daughter recite that phrase is not something they want her saying that because it “promoting and propagating the idea that good patriots are God believers.” And I think we can all agree on that statement, and if this is being preached daily in classes by children that can’t cognitively process there own beliefs yet, the pledge turns into a pottery wheel spinning and shapes children’s mind like clay.  How we handle ourselves as a community will ultimately decide the outcome( and of course the judges as well.)