The cause of mental warfare.


Have you ever spoken to another seemingly decent human being, and then they just get stuck on one subject?  Regardless of what the subject is, politics, religion, a book, a television series, a certain philosophy, they just can not leave it alone? 

We often think of these individuals as unbearable. The most deplorable sort of person that we would not wish to spend much time around. Oddly enough, we assume ourselves to not be part of the category this person belongs to, how could we be? Obviously since their behavior aggravates us, there is no way we also partake in it. I must unfortunately disagree.

It is this same sort of person, who given any sort of discrepancy with their view of the subject they speak of, well may you rest in the endless pit of Tartarus, if that gets the point across.

Often times this phenomenon is the result, or is synonymous with a phenomenon referred to as cognitive dissonance. While I am sure many of you are aware as educated blog readers what the aforementioned subject is, here is a brief definition:

Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors.

Simply put, when we encounter attitudes or ideas that contradict the ones we currently hold, we may act or think irrationally to get rid of the discrepancy. 

Anybody, including myself, the reader, the site owner, the site owner's mother, is subject to this. It is extremely hard to recognize you have fallen for it except in hindsight. 

I personally would hold that this is metaphorically the cause of most wars, arguments, and general negative interactions between humans. And it holds true for all groups of people, here are a few examples:

If you are an atheist, you have probably encountered many an angry Christian replying to the things you post online. Even the most simple of ideas like, "Evolution is not a concept you can debate the reality of." may earn replies such as, "Yes, because it is not a reality."

If you are a Christian, you may have encountered the stereotypical, "Angry Atheist." Who, though they do not believe in your God and therefore should find your Christian statuses humorous, feel the need to bash even the most simple things. Such as the arbitrary posting of bible verses, which may earn you replies such as, "Nobody needs to see this nonsense." followed by a very well thought out waste of time, *cough* I mean paragraph.

Or the classic example of your mother telling you your room needs to be clean, and you believing your room is fine messy. Thus sparking a completely unneeded argument. 

My point, is that we need to start recognizing this phenomenon for what it is. If every time some arbitrary individual takes conflict with our point of view, inflaming them, and then we become inflamed by their contradiction to our contradiction of their point of view, no problems will ever be solved, none of society's problems, to say the least. If sought out, this issue can be seen in many major issues today, from those that believe their religion can not coexist with science, to politicians that believe their beliefs must never come to concession. 

In the end, before choosing to speak out towards someone, especially in a direct context, one might ask themselves, "Will they hear what I am saying?"