A Crime in The Name of Atheism?

An Honest Tragedy

The death of young students is immeasurably saddening by the standards of anyone who values life. The same can be said for this instance of violence at Chapel Hill on Tuesday, in the shooting of three college students. These students happened to be Islamic, and their killer happened to be an atheist. So here comes the media avalanche.

To my knowledge the only known conflict between the apartment complex neighbors was that of parking. While I question the temperament of somebody that would kill or even become overly aggravated by such a situation, I can say that people have been killed for far more ridiculous reasons. But let's get down to the point, is atheism at fault?


Atheism has no doctrine, it has no collective agreement over anything other than that there is no god. It has no organization, I have my doubts that you could have cohesive agreement between a room full of atheists. Why? Well everyone came to their conclusion that there is no god for different reasons, and under different circumstances. While I would agree that among us there are relatively more critical thinkers when compared to other groups, we have our share of irrational, nonsensical individuals as well.

I have debated with many an atheist and found that on other subjects our views vary widely. I am what some would call extremely left of the political spectrum, and this is not true of a vast number of atheists. Search well enough and you'll note a certain "Cory Harper" starting arguments all over political and atheist social media pages.

My point will feel restated and droll, but it needs to be heard: There is no consolidation within the atheist community. 

Oh yeah? Explain Stalin, and Other Violent Atheists.

Why don't I just attempt to explain the connection between violent eaters of corn flakes? There's a similar amount of connection between individual eaters of corn flakes as there is between individual atheists. Nothing ties them, except a singular preferences or opinion which they hold. Might they happen to have other similar opinions, or do things in a similar way? Yes, but that on a completely individual basis. 

Individuals who historically did terrible things to large numbers of people, and happened to be atheists, committed those actions based on their own philosophy. They did not pull out the almighty, "Atheist Bible" and found the verse that read about destroying those who do not believe what they believe. *Conspicuous cough in the general direction of almost all monotheistic religions*

A Final Point

I truly regret the death of anybody who had a life and goals of their own, and this is no exception. I do not understand the taking of another's life for very many reasons, unless that person poses a danger to your own. I believe that stopping anyone from completing any action that does not harm another person is inherently wrong. This is a philosophy I hold, personally. You will not find that every other atheist has such a reverence for other's will to live. While I have a reverence for life, that same belief does not extend to organisms without developed goals and and wants. You will also find that some atheists extend that reverence to all organisms, whereas I do not bother. Along with that the reasons we all came to those different conclusions are also probably not the same. We are different.

So please, before jumping on this, "atheists are immoral beings" bandwagon, consider that we do not even have a universal moral code.