Christian Terrorism

It Obviously Does Not Exist

 Christian terrorism, no longer exists right? That is what you would believe if you listened to American national media for long enough. You would believe that yes, there is plenty of terrorism being perpetuated in the world, but none of it is coming from Christians. However, it simply is not true.

One could say that a once violent Christianity has been mostly subdued by societal progress such as the enlightenment and renaissance. The idealistic western world does not appreciate violence they have to see. This is not the case worldwide unfortunately, and there are many examples of Christian terrorism around the world. The picture featured for this article is the aftermath of a 2011 bombing in Oslo, Norway. The perpetrator claims to have initiated the attack to, "prevent a Muslim takeover." He describes himself as a fundamentalist Christian. 

Of Isolated Bombings and Terrorist Organizations

The above claim that Christianity has been subdued of it's violent streak because of societal restraints falls apart when you analyze areas that did not experience this same effect. A large portion of modern Christian violence is coming out of Africa currently, and I would suspect the same could be said for Middle Eastern Christians if they were not the minority. 

One such group who has gotten publicity in recent years due to a rather hollow movement in America is the Lord's Resistance Army. This militia group was set on overthrowing the Ugandan government, their leader claiming to be a, "messenger of God." This so called holy army regularly abducted children and forced them to fight under Kony's regime, just peachy eh? 

The "developed" world is not without it's crazy Christian fueled individuals either, however. As referenced at the beginning of this article the 2011 bombing in Oslo, Norway was perpetrated under the name of Christianity. This attack is still known as the worst in Norway's history. The real crazies however, run rampant in the United States. In everything from abortion clinic bombings, justifying and in some cases endorsing rape, and creating insane laws based on their morality, this is truly a country where one can not escape religion.

Why Even Pretend?

It takes an incredibly myopic historical view to even claim Christianity is no longer a violent religion, or even to say it is not in comparison to Islam. In everything from Puritan Colonies, The Salem Witch Trials, forcible conversion efforts in Africa, not to mention the Westboro Baptist Church, Christianity has proven it is just as inherently nonsensical and violent as it historically was. It's new modern passive aggressiveness is hardly a change, it simply comes with the territory of actually being punished when you commit crimes based on your religion.


There is nothing less violent about Christianity. It is only that the majority of it's believers live within societies where their religion does not rule law that has curbed their appetite for outright bloody culling of those who do not agree with them. The simple conclusion to this is that when you have heartfelt irrational beliefs that lead your life actions, it only follows that you would take irrational actions to uphold those beliefs.